Let’s Talk Nude

A few months ago I spent two hours scouring the isles of  a large chain make up store with my best friend.

We were both on the hunt for a shade of nude lipstick to wear with a smokey eye.

Her fair freckled skin contrasted my  caramel hue so we knew we wouldn’t be looking for the same shade, but rather than doubt the ill lit mirror we braved the battle together and swore to be each other’s honest eye.

One of the hottest trends in make up right now in matte or gloss the nude lip is the icing on the cake of makeup glamour. IF you can find the right shade.

Nearly every line has released a line of nudes in at least a few shades… And I feel comfortable saying I’ve tried just about all of them.

Some rose, some blushed, frosted and cream…

Most looked like I got too friendly with a powderd donut.

After two hours rashed and raw from repeated application and removal I left the store with two shades, intended nudes that I thought I could work with. A flat matte lip Crayon by those K named makeup mavens and a shimmery blush colored lipstick by the store brand.

I wore both for a few days mildly pleased… But then abandoned it all together.

It seemed just like the panty hose and leather shoes- nude was more a cream contrast to my skin.

Mixing shades was the solution until it hit me…

Pink is the brown girl’s  nude..

Our lips are a darker shade of blush and pale pinks appear subtle.

Avon’s Carnation from the ultra color line is a perfect nude hue for cinnamon skin. What looks like baby pink on your alabaster beauty bestie is a nude shade of perfection on your caramel complexion.

Along with pantie hose and polishes, the definition of nude needs to be expanded we come in a variety of colors and this classic work can work on anyone with the proper selection of the right shade. We just have to redefine what NUDE means. Basic, Bare, Beautiful. xoxox

What is good for the goose will make you take a gander…

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