The Perfect Shade of Red

IMG_3533Winter is such a fun season to play with sultry, daring colors in make up. Those of us above 25 get to reintroduce glitter and pull off an evening eye during the day.
These past few seasons have brought back the classic red yet brave red lip.šŸ’‹
Giving a hint of glam to both red carpet and beach looks a bold red lip feels confident and sexy, yet few are brave enough to take the plunge into the pallet From scarlet to puce, the options and textures are unlimited and finding the right shade can be daunting.
And we’ve all heard the old blue red vs orange red theories.
My issue was always fearing bringing attention to my skin and teeth. As a teenager I had acne and extensive orthodontia and putting a bright red target in the middle of that display didn’t seem like the right move.
Still, my senior year in my black and white floral gown, and 50’s red carpet hair-do I rocked a pink red lip at prom with a long black lash and a thin cat eye… And for the eleven years after I likely purchased 100 tubes of garnet and magenta in hopes of finding something I was comfortable enough to wear… I always thought my skin and less than perfect smile kept my from the my favorite cosmetic trend.
A friend told me years ago
” You can wear a red you just have to find the right shade”. This week something exciting happened when I got an Avon delivery with a gloss and lip crayon combination… Lined with a blue red crayon blended toward the center and glossed with a raspberry sheen I arrived at a perfectly textured hue.
Not to shiny, or overly dry I felt pleased with myself and shared a few selfies with friends gaining approval.
I had always know it was a blue red that complimented the red brown in my cinnamon skin but I had never found something quite right. This combination was it.
Then tonight at the receipt of my product subscription bag I was disappointed to find a matte ( the new trend over high gloss)
Orange red retractable lip crayon.
I texted my best make up buddies a picture of Kloe Kardashian rocking a similar shade yo show her what I had received…
Obviously my make up would never be so perfect and my style sense never so brave. ” Do you like it?”
She asked- I simply responded I couldn’t wear orange reds.
The moment I sent the text, I felt a twinge of regret…
And I thought to myself…
Make up has no rules!
It’s a playful experience that give us confidence and self expression, self satisfaction and innumerable smiles in a simple tube of pigment, oils and wax.
Kloe Kardashian didn’t ask anyone if she could wear the shade…imageimage
I then started thinking about a recent interview I saw her in where she was asked about her new fit body and she said she was happy to be healthy but never really thought of herself as fat before… It wasn’t until other people brought it to her attention and measured her body against some imaginary standard.
How CRAZY is this that we as women ( and likely people in general) compare, judge and weigh ourselves against an imaginary standard that is nothing more than a seasonal trend and the fashion industries availability to, two or four way stretched fabrics.
Big butts can’t wear skinny jeans, skinny legs shouldn’t rock mini skirts, and no white after Labor Day.
I say Forget the standard and do what makes you feel good! If I want to wear an orange red I can, so long as it makes me feel beautiful and confident!
And it does! I snapped a selfie in my orange red lip crayon and got a compliment from my best girlfriend ( who doesn’t do nice for the sake of it )
And what she gave me with those words was so much more than her approval to wear a bold new shade, she showed me the sometimes the most powerful thing we can do is what someone told us we couldn’t… And that sometimes the rules need to be broken.
Because without being brave and stepping out side of the box we know we will never know what joy lies in what used to make us uncomfortable.
Don’t listen to haters. These rules are a suggestion… Be beautiful, be bold, be brilliant… And for GOODNESS sakes wear a Red Lip.image

Thanks so much for reading! Please leve comments or selfies in your favorite shade of red. If you want to find the one that’s right for you visit:

You are welcome to email me at: for coupon codes!

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